A word from your vulva

Before I started sharing my journey with you I used to talk a lot about body acceptance. Body acceptance in the sense of loving our own bodies no matter what they may look like. It’s something that lies very close to my heart.
There was, however, one thing I forgot along the way.

I, like many others, have a history of disliking my own body. My undefined calfs, a tummy that makes me second guess my worth (?!) – when I sit, stand, or hang upside-down from the ceiling – and a flat bum. Now, when I think of body acceptance, it’s not just about accepting my stretch marks on my thighs. It’s about trying to accept my entire body, including my vulva.

‘We have to love ourselves so much that we can be brave.’

Many of us, Lichen Sclerosus or not, really struggle with accepting our vulvas.
Many women absolutely hate that part of themselves. There is actually a genuine disgust. Many of us don’t even look at it in the mirror because of this (just as we sometimes do when it comes to other body parts.)
And trust me when I say; I get it. I really, truly, do.
When that creeping feeling comes in, when the tears come through because the pain of hating that part of yourself is so intense – it’s hard to take a moment, breathe and let that feeling wash away. How do you simply just accept?

They say “you can’t love someone until you love yourself”. But if I can’t love my vulva, will someone else? This was a question I had on my mind for years.

I can tell you your vulva is beautiful, you will probably just roll your eyes, and then just keep on scrolling.
But what if I told you that your vulva is special, it’s one of a kind, and it’s magnificent? Would you believe me then?

Be brave,

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