Cacao and coconut granola

Variety is key to get a wide rangeĀ of all the nutrients that your body needs – and also cause eating the same food over and over again is boring.
So last weekend I decided to create something new that I can have for breakfast.
I usually just look at different types of recipes online and use the part of them that I like and put them together.
So the other day I made a cacao and coconut granola that turned out to be superb:

Rolled oates
Coconut flakes
Shredded coconut
Raw cacao
Cacao nibs
Hazelnut meal
Walnuts / peanuts
Chia seeds
Sesame seeds
Sunflower seeds
1 dl Coconut oil
A dash of vanilla
I mixed all of the dry ingredients, melted the coconut oil with the vanilla and poured over the mix – mix again.
In the oven for 45 minutes on 120 degrees.
An easy recipe, but oh so good!

All of these ingredients are bought from my friend Jenna at The Source Bulk Foods in Maroochydore, go visit her and say hi!

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