For what reason do you eat?

For what reason do you eat?

This might seem like a basic question to most of you, but is it really?
Yes, we eat to stay alive, but I believe we eat for different reasons.

Maybe you eat to honor your body.
Maybe you eat because you don’t like it (or the lack of eating).
Maybe you eat to heal your body, mentally or physically.
Maybe you eat to overcome a trauma, a breakup or your depression.
Maybe you eat to fuel your body for a workout or a competition.
Maybe you have a goal. Maybe you don’t.
Maybe you don’t think about what you eat at all.
Maybe you eat to punish yourself.
Maybe you eat to celebrate.
Maybe you eat because you really love food.
Maybe you eat that specific chocolate because you just love it so much.

There is not just one single reason to why people eat – so think twice before judging someone’s eating.
It cannot be addressed enough that you might only get a glimpse of what that person is eating, what that person is going through, what that person is trying to overcome.
Food to me is happiness, it is social, it is bringing people together (have you ever bonded with a person over the love for Indian food?), it fuels me, and it feeds my soul and body.

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