From me to all of you: Have A Merry (stress-free) Christmas!

The holidays are here, and the stress surrounding it is probably visiting as well!
Stress is one of my biggest triggers for a massive flare-up. Many things play a part in my flare-ups, and sometimes it’s hard to tell which one is which – but stress is definitely one!

Stress from going everywhere – being on time, spending time with family (God we love em’, but if you’re a lone wolf, introvert, or just simply need your alone-time it can be a freaking nightmare), getting in the car too quickly (whoops! A tear!), fighting with people in the grocery store – you get the picture.

Stress we put on ourselves for “falling of the wagon” (cough – don’t be on a wagon to begin with) – being stressed about eating a cookie that might not be as “healthy” as the one you would have picked on a normal day, that stressed feeling might actually do more damage than enjoying the damn cookie!

Here are my tips for you for the holiday:

  • Give yourself permission to accept what is now, and just be
  • Start the day with a kindness meditation
  • Be grateful for your beautiful body
  • Take the day one breath at a time

These apply to anyone who reads this, but if you suffer from Lichen Sclerosus you can also add these to your list:

  • Moisturize
  • Sleep without underwear
  • Skip the underwear and wear long skirts – no one will know if you’re walking around bare (at least not until you do that cartwheel you’re so good at after that second glass of wine)
  • Stay clean – you know the drill.

You are doing the best you can, no matter if you have a cookie or two (I’m definitely having 3 + wino).

With kindness, and love,

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