How you can up your bread eating game to something healthier

Several people come to me saying that they eat too much bread. It’s quick, easy and it’s tasty.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating bread – but there are some ways you can (hopefully) decrease your bread consumption and choose other food in-between. You know, variety!

🍞 Pick a wholegrain bread – better for your health than white bread and full of fibre.
🥑 Eat it with healthy fats – avocado, hummus, eggs.
🥚 Eat it with protein – eggs, chicken, tuna, tofu.
🥕 Add veggies to get more fibre – in the picture below I used kale, carrots, sprouts and capsicum.
All of these food – fats, protein and fibre – will help you feel satisfied and keep you full for longer.

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