I Can Choose To Shift My Energy

I get a lot of messages from you saying that you are so impressed with how easy I look upon my condition, with so much positivity.
Let me tell you, it hasn’t always been like this. Hence the previous blog post.

The thing is, I might be in pain, I might have hard days where I feel like “this is it? Is this worth it?”, but in the end – I am Not my condition. The condition doesn’t own me.
I can choose to shift my energy and find positivity in the smallest things. I can choose to work on myself every day, my physical health, my mental health, my spiritual health, my environmental health. I can choose to focus on my health instead of the condition.

I know, it’s not as easy as I make it out to be, and I’ve not always been here. And that’s okay if you are not here with me. I would love to through a dance party with you instead of a pity party, so when you’re ready – let me know, because I’ll be here saving you a seat at the table with a party hat! But if you’re not at that stage yet, that is okay too. We are all on our own paths and don’t compare your path to mine.

I was diagnosed 12 years ago, in the beginning of my adulthood, right when I was entering into the world of ‘sex being the most amazing thing ever’. I’ve had surgeries, I’ve had botox injections, I’ve done CBT (is that what it’s called?), I’ve seen physiotherapists. I’ve seen countless doctors, some good, some horrible. And I really wish I didn’t go through some of these things, but here I am. And in the end, all I really know for a fact is that I will always have myself, and I will always have my health. I’m not gonna shit on that.

And when I say health, I am not just talking about diet, for the love of God, I’m not just talking about diet, but that is a completely different topic. When I say health I am talking about all of me, every single part of me.

I am not my condition and I won’t let it define me as a person. That’s why I think it is super important that we create this positive environment where we can be and just accept that it’s there, but it doesn’t have to control you.

I appreciate each and everyone one of you, I see you, I hear you, and I love you.
Thank you for being here,

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  • lilievabien

    This is so good to hear that. Thanks a lot.
    I am 100% ok with you. Sometimes I ask myself “but how I manage all that stuff” ^^ I do not focuse on it. That is not a secret, that is “discipline”, that is hard. I forgive myself when I fail. But I try very hard !

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