I’m in control of my own health

Taking control of our own health, that’s what we’re doing this year. Nothing else.

We won’t let society, influencers or loud people decide what we’re supposed to do with our bodies, how we are supposed to look, feel, workout, eat, think, etc. and we won’t let doctors have the final word on how we are supposed to feel, do, heal, or just accept.

I speak to so many women whom are devastated because either their doctor refuses to do a biopsy, or the doctor doesn’t tell them anything about their condition. Which ends up with us, you, me, the mama trying to help her little girl, walking out of the doctor’s office not knowing what’s going on.
“What’s the cream for?”
“Yet another cream?”
“Why does the doctor give me estrogen cream?” (yeaaah, I’ve been there.)
“Are there any other things that can help besides ‘wear cotton underwear and stop washing your genitals with soap’?”

Most doctors (not all. I’m looking at you, yeah you, who advocates for vulvodynia, Lichen Sclerosus, Endometriosis etc.) don’t know a lot (or anything) about these conditions, which is sad.
Because 1. there’s hardly any research done on the topics. and 2. most doctors come off as arrogant – like our condition doesn’t matter, like it doesn’t affect the way we eat, sleep, live. If I have one more doctor telling me ‘we did a pap smear and it came back fine’, when I’m seeing them because there are alterations in my skin – I’m gonna freaking loose it.

Well, not anymore, we know that there are more of us out there, and we are gonna fight – and we are taking control over own health in the new year. I’ve said it before, don’t give your power away. You have the power to help yourself.
There are so many people out there advocating for us, trying to find a way to help us, you just gotta find those people.

Just a thought:
Take one step at a time, and address all angles of your health concerns – physically (workout that feels good to you), mentally (maybe start adding in a morning meditation of 5 minutes), spiritually (find a book that speaks to your soul), and environmentally (walk without underwear more frequently).

You got this, you are definitely not alone, and let’s make this year the best one yet.
With love,

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