In my toolbox

We all probably have different things in our toolbox to help us manage different health problems that we have. It might be Lichen Sclerosus, it might be chronic pain, it might be headaches, stiff joints, GI problems, lack of sleep, or anxiety – the list goes on. Truth be told, I think we live in a society where we all struggle from something that is stopping us from living our best lives.

One of the things that really help me with my health problems is essential oils. Why? Well, they’ve been around for thousands of years and are known for having amazing healing properties. I think they are often overlooked as something that just smells good (they most definitely do), but there is so much more to it. I always have a little purse with the oils that I might need for that specific day – mosquito bites, tummy aches, cramps, but I also carry oils that I might need for my mood – do I need to be more grounded? Do I need more energy?
It’s just a plus that I smell divine (!)

If you are considering starting to use essential oils it’s important to read up on it and find a brand that suits you, that provide pure essential oils. There are a lot of brands out there adding fillers and synthetic additives to their product; also how hey source their product matters how it will affect your health and if it will help you or not.

I work with essential oils everyday, and this something I am really passionate about as I can see the results they are giving me on my Well-being journey. If you want to talk oils – just message me – I’d love to teach you how they can support your health.

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