No ‘New Year, New Me’ bullshit

Happy 2020!
Finally a new year, and finally a new decade.
Every new year I have this feeling of freshness. I’m not a big new year’s fan but I like the idea of a new year. Anything is possible (though, it always is)!

And this feeling of freshness is often disturbed by all the things I read online, things I hear on the radio or from clients. We all believe anything is possible, but it often has to do with our looks, or how we have to change ourselves to fit in to this little box that we call society.
Going to a fitness class this time of year and the instructor is talking about how many calories we have consumed the past week and how we are now “working it off”, That is annoying as fuck.
Like, are you trying to shame us, more than we ourselves already are? Or are you projecting your insecurities on to us? Don’t know, can’t tell. But it’s all bullshit.


I don’t do calories, I’ve never done calories (except for in my early twenties, Runkeeper was my best friend and I had this delusion that I had to watch everything that I put in my mouth), I don’t teach my clients or students to focus on calories. For some people it might work and they swear by it, but I believe that it can be extremely damaging for our health, holistically.
I know so many women, myself included, who have had an intense struggle with food – and creating a healthy relationship with food can be difficult if you focus on how many calories you are consuming on a daily basis.

Same with diets, you will never see me preach a diet or food restriction of any kind, because I believe diets set you up to fail. There are few people that have been on a diet that loose the desired weight and manage to keep it off. Around 95% of people whom are on a diet will regain the weight. And then we hate on ourselves, because Susan at work “managed to do it”, but we don’t know anything about Susan, maybe she has a terrible relationship with food because of this.

Many of us restrict our food too much that we may fuck up our metabolism,  walking around starving, or we compromise our mental health.

And in the end, is it worth it?

Look at your diet right now, are there any tweaks you could do? Increase vegetable intake, drink more water, eat more wholesome foods than processed ones?

Physical activity

This time of year the gym often get smashed with new people – or old ones that got their membership in the beginning of last year, but their New Years resolution didn’t workout so they are giving it another go. I am all for being physically active, but you should enjoy the workout you are doing, and you should start out slow. If you go in too hard, the chance is that you’re gonna get bored quickly because you are probably expecting results with the snap of your fingers. Same with if you do a workout you don’t like, you are probably also gonna get bored.

If you knew that the workout you do today wouldn’t change your body, would you still be doing it?” 

Sure, endorphins come with the workout, but is there a joy in the workout itself?
Start slowly, get used to it, and the chances are that you will probably stick to your new routine.

Things to think about to make it through your first month of your New Year’s resolution:

  • Set realistic goals
  • Start out slow
  • Get the support from others – join a group training, hire a personal trainer or a nutritionist
  • Be kind to yourself
  • And remember that you rock!

With love,

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