Pelvic pain & lower back pain

I’m a happy person. I like being happy.
I thrive when my happiness takes over my cells and gives me goose bumps allover.
When the pain really affects me it’s like I become a completely different person. Everyone who knows me knows the energy that surrounds me when I am in pain, when I am not thriving.

I have had really bad lower back pain for 13 years now, and my pelvic pain has been around for 11 years. I don’t know if I should really call it “my” pelvic pain, because I kind of take ownership of it in a way. I have a body, but I am a soul.
There is no way of knowing if the two are connected, but I believe they are. Definitely.
It is hard to find any existing evidence regarding this. There is a lot of research done on back and pelvic pain in and after pregnancy, but what about us that aren’t pregnant or have never been pregnant?

The body is so complex. It knows what it does in a way, I believe.
There are so many muscles that works around, through, with our back/hips/gluteus/abs – and they all work together.

I was always thought to “draw” my pelvic muscles up when working out to activate the core correctly. But doing that is kind of.. not at all helping with the pelvic pain (am I right?), so how can we activate the core by not tensing up our pelvic floor too tightly to make it worse?
If I focus on my breath at the same time it helps me a little. Active abs, but relaxing the pelvic floor. You also have to find exercises that works for you. Is anything causing you pain anywhere? Don’t push it.

I mean, could it be that the pelvic floor muscles are so strong that the entire pelvis/back is just in a constant spasm? Do you ever feel this way?

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