Prioritize this for your health

Everyone is talking about it, but let’s be honest, it’s not a priority is it?
It’s boring, and it’s not an easy thing to deal with if you’re in a lot of pain. I used to dread going to sleep, because I knew the next day I would just wake up feeling shitty and still in pain.
But the body is so much more complex than just focusing on one specific area (such as the vulva).

We always look for a quick fix for whatever we suffer from – that one cream that will take away all of the pain, the supplement that is gonna change everything, the fitness class that is gonna sculpt the butt, the reiki practitioner that is gonna change the energy throughout the body.
It’s not gonna work as efficient, or even at all, if you don’t prioritize such a simple thing as sleep. And guess what, it doesn’t cost you anything to prioritize it (yaaaay)!

It can end up becoming a vicious cycle if we don’t prioritize our sleep.

You’re not preparing your body to go to sleep, you sleep badly, and your body still hurts the next day, maybe even more.

Sleep helps your body reset itself. You get more energy, you feel happier, experience less stress, strengthen your immune system, create healthy brain function, you improve your physical health overall (sports, metabolism) – there are so many benefits of prioritizing your sleep, your body is gonna love you for it!!

Some tips and trick for better sleep:

  • Turn OFF all your electronic devices 45 minutes-1 hour before bed. I know, boring right? Because you want to play candy crush until you fall asleep. But the light from it disrupts your energy system. When I used to play candy crush before bed, I just closed my eyes and I was still playing the game in my mind, such a weird feeling.
    I actually set my phone to flight mode, because I like to not be reachable during the night – with a bunch of pinging and vibration happening. Yes, you can put it on do not disturb mode, but there is so much going on with today’s electronics and I’m guessing you have the phone right next to you on the night stand. Personally I want to cut off All cords when I go to bed. And think about it, if you can’t, isn’t it scary that you are so attached to your phone that you Have to have it on even when your body is meant to relax and reset?
  • Read a book, a magazine, an article, talk to your partner. Do something to calm yourself down, to calm down the nervous system, to get ready for bed.

  • Drink tea! I love to drink tea before bed, that’s how my body knowns, “OH! Here we go, I’m getting warm and cozy under a blanket, almost bed time.” Some great herbs for sleep: Valerian root, lavender, Passion flower. But the thing is you gotta find what works for you. My friend drinks peppermint tea before bed and that works great for her, but for me – peppermint gives me energy. So you have to play around with it.

  • Oil yourself up. I know, this is not for everyone, but it had to be mentioned. Essential oils are a big part of my sleep routine. Roman chamomile, lavender, vetiver, copaiba. It just calms me down a bunch. And don’t forget, we are at the end of February, and there’s a great deal going on right now if you start your oil journey before the end of the month!

  • Keep your room cool and dark. I always crack a window before I go to bed. Yes, even when it’s freaking cold. Just for a couple of minutes! And I sleep with my eye mask (as seen in the picture) and ear plugs. I like to be in “do not fucking disturb me”-mode when I sleep! But everyone’s cup of tea is different (pun intended).

Find what works for you and try to create a healthy sleep routine to maximize your health and your daily healing.
Let me know how it goes for you, I love to hear from you!

Until next time,
You are not alone.
With love and kindness,

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