MARCH MADNESS – 20% off on our enrollment kits

Welcome to dōTerra!
Until the end of March you can get two of our most popular enrollment kits even cheaper (plus a welcome bundle from yours truly)!

All the enrollment kits come with a wholesale membership which gives you 25% off on all dōTerra products for a whole year (it’s like a Costco membership). Message me to receive any help you may need.
You do not have to order monthly, but if you want to dōTerra has a great rewards program.

Set up your account in these simple steps:

  1. Click here to open up your wholesale customer account
  2. Choose a kit – Our most popular one is the Home Essentials Kit.
  3. Fill in your information. My referral ID should be filled in for you, but if it’s not – enter Chris Grabauskas (my man’s name, we have the business together) or my ID which is 7566840.
  4. Finalize your shipping and payment options and then click “Process order not and continue”. It will then ask you if you’d like to join the Monthly Rewards Program, which you can choose to set up later if you want to.
  5. Once you’re set up you will receive a welcome email from me!

These kits are from Canada, to find your kit in your country check out these links:
US Starter Kits (Also has March Madness)
Europe Starter Kits
Australia Starter Kits

With love,