That watermelon feeling

This morning I got my period, and all of us women have probably experienced bloating, aka the watermelon-feeling, or like that precise watermelon is gonna come out somewhere down below where we only thought babies could come out.

When looking at ourselves in the mirror and we can swear it looks like we’ve gained 5 kilos (which is not the truth).

Your body changes soooo much during just One day (During period or no period), and it might be an uncomfortable feeling but your body is still worthy of being loved. And go to the beach. Or wearing a tight dress. Or jump around in underwear in front of your lover because you are sexy.

Your body is vital, strong and you are making it through the day even if it feels like you’re losing about half of your body weight in blood. Do you know how much you and your body is kicking ass today?

This is me today. And some of you are going to think “Oh maaa gaaad, she doesn’t even have a watermelon”. I am not here to diminish your feelings, so don’t diminish mine. This is how I feel today, like so many of you feel once in a while, but it shall pass (it’s not like Gandalf is standing there telling your watermelon that it can’t pass). It’s the watermelon feeling.

And who’s down for granny panties any day? I mean, my lady likes to be comfortable.

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