What works for your Lichen Sclerosus, by You.

You talk, I listen.

I’ve come to the interesting conclusion that some of us use the same things to help us manage our Lichen Sclerosus, and some of us don’t. Since Lichen Sclerosus is an inflammatory, chronic skin condition it is hard to maybe find the One thing to make it better, so we include all of the things into our health routine instead.

Current research says that our beloved steroid creme is pretty much the only thing to help minimize the risk of cancer and excessive scarring – but we also need to find other options to deal with the pain. Because by the sound of it it seems that sometimes the creme helps, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it burns, sometimes it doesn’t. We need to come together to help each other deal with this condition to hopefully live a more joyful life.

That is why I have created a list of things that all of my LS ladies have mentioned have helped them:

1. Bath soaks – Just hot water by itself, or adding other products to the bath helps some of you.

2. Borax – I myself personally have never tried it, but there are several of you reporting how this actually Really helps with pain, while some of you find the idea of putting this on your skin too much for you. The women that say it does help either soak in a hot bath with 1/8 of a cup of Borax, or put it on a cotton ball and dab it on the skin. Some women also find relief in consuming Borax in water.
Borax is a naturally occurring product which is often found in detergents and cosmetics.
CAUTION: be aware of not using too much or consuming too much as this is a strong product and it can cause burns.
I have never used this myself so I can’t give you my own experience on the matter.

3. Toilet paper – a lot of women suffer from more pain by using the normal, commercial toilet paper and choose to use an organic one instead. Some women can’t even use this so they skip the toilet paper and use cotton balls instead, or even cotton rags from clothes.

4. Underwear – It’s important to note that underwear is something that can either bring your skin fresh air or enclose it and make it more itchy and more painful. Doctors recommend using cotton underwear that have not been dyed in anyway because it might irritate the skin. Think granny panties and you are on the right track! Using a thong or a G-string might cause a flare up because of the way the pantie sits around your vulva. Many of us choose to go without underwear, and I highly recommend sleeping without.

5. Essential oils – as many of you know is that I rely heavily on essential oils for my health and well-being, and some of you do too. The essential oils I’ve noticed that we’re using are lavender, tea tree, copaiba, and frankincense. When using essential oils I would be mindful of not using “hot” oils, such as clove or oregano on the vulva. Even though oils like that are known for being anti-fungal and healing, you also got to be smart about it. Dilute the oils with a carrier oil, such as coconut or olive oil. Essential oils is something that you can add to your hot bath as well.
CAUTION: Make sure you are using pure, high quality oils.

I’m thinking that this is part 1. of maybe many parts to come. We all want to know what works for you and your pain, so make sure to leave a comment or contact me in anyway!
You need to find what works for you and create a way to incorporate that into your life along with the steroid creme, and hopefully we are on the right track to minimize your pain!

With love,


  • Eliza

    Hi – I purchased a bidet for our toilet. I have found that it does provide some relief. It cleans after using the bathroom and the cold water is soothing. Just wanted to share!

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