Why I use Essential Oils in my everyday life

My man, Chris, calls me a quack. And I am. I’ve always been drawn to “alternative things”, things that are different and might not be considered “normal”. Whatever that means, if someone finds out – please do tell me!

Cause I am probably anything but.

Seeing that I have a degree in nutrition, where we were taught evidence based practice, makes it Very hard to be a quack! Crystals, The Universe, Oracle cards. You name it, I probably believe in it wholeheartedly!

So when it comes to essential oils people often question it, because it’s looked upon as “alternative”, right? It’s alternative medicine, but in a way not..

A pubmed search of “essential oils” gives me 20230 hits.
Even though these studies are of different grades, there is still studies out there being done on essential oils. Some oils are more investigated in – tea tree for cold sores, oregano for athlete’s foot, lavender for sleep.
All these natural occurring compounds, from muma earth,  are in all of our medications. These medications have just been altered, tempered with, and have chemicals added to them that can actually do harm to our bodies.
So why wouldn’t the natural occurring compound (such as an essential oil) help in, for example, vaginal dryness? I am not saying to go and splash whatever oil you can find right now on your vulva. But just be open-minded because there are actually studies looking into essential oils for Candida, yeast infection, as an alternative to Fluconazol. Even though we might just be in the beginning, we are heading somewhere.

Myself, and many of the people around me use essential oils for skin help, asthma, for a good night’s sleep, for less pain, for more energy, to shift your energy, to minimize the use of chemical containing products (such as cleaning products, shampoo, and laundry detergent).

dōTerra Essential oils are CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oil products that offer natural solutions with no added fillers, synthetic ingredients, or harmful contaminants. They are grown and harvested in their natural habitat in over 40 countries around the world, and each batch of oil undergoes multiple 3rd party testing to certify purity.
dōTerra also support third world countries through their co-impact sourcing, by giving back to the community where they harvest their products in the form of hospitals, schools, and other programs that will help support the community.

And you might ask yourself the question, why should I buy a more expensive oil from dōTerra when I can just go to the closest health food store and get a  cheaper one there? Because of what I just mentioned. The essential oils you find in a store are often tampered with, they aren’t growing in their natural habitat – in the right environment, such as soil, humidity, temperature – and most of the healing properties in that bottle are definitely not as strong because it isn’t pure.

If you are interested in finding your way of supporting your health, please reach out and we will set you up with a kit to start you off on your Well-being Path.

With Love,

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